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Microsoft Mobile, previously known as Nokia’s mobile division, was a subsidiary of Microsoft that manufactured smartphones and feature phones. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business in 2014, aiming to strengthen its position in the mobile market and integrate hardware and software offerings.

Under Microsoft Mobile, several smartphone series were introduced, including:

  1. Lumia Series: The Lumia series consisted of smartphones running the Windows Phone operating system. These devices were known for their colorful designs, innovative camera technology (such as PureView), and integration with Microsoft services like Office and OneDrive.
  2. Nokia X Series: The Nokia X series was an experiment by Microsoft Mobile to introduce Android-based smartphones with a customized user interface resembling Windows Phone. The Nokia X, X+, and XL were among the devices launched under this series.
  3. Feature Phones: Microsoft Mobile also continued to produce feature phones, which were popular in emerging markets and among users who preferred simple and affordable mobile devices for basic communication needs.

Despite efforts to revitalize its mobile business, Microsoft struggled to gain significant traction in the smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS devices. In 2016, Microsoft announced significant job cuts and a shift in focus away from smartphone manufacturing, leading to the discontinuation of many Lumia models and the end of Microsoft’s ambitions in the smartphone hardware market.

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