Calme Moibiles

Calme Mobile is a smartphone brand based in Pakistan. They offer a range of smartphones that cater to various segments of the market, including budget-friendly options as well as mid-range devices. Calme Mobile aims to provide affordable smartphones with decent specifications and features to meet the needs of consumers in Pakistan and other regions where their products are available.

Some of the key series offered by Calme Mobile:

  1. Calme Spark Series: The Calme Spark series typically includes entry-level smartphones with basic features and affordable price points. These devices are suitable for users who prioritize affordability and simplicity.
  2. Calme Bolt Series: The Calme Bolt series offers mid-range smartphones with a balance of performance and affordability. These devices often feature better specifications and more advanced features compared to the Spark series, making them suitable for users who require a bit more functionality without breaking the bank.
  3. Calme Alpha Series: The Calme Alpha series represents the higher-end lineup of smartphones from Calme Mobile. These devices usually feature more premium build materials, better specifications, and additional features such as improved cameras or larger displays. The Alpha series targets users who are willing to pay a bit more for a more premium smartphone experience.
  4. Calme Classic Series: The Calme Classic series focuses on providing smartphones with timeless designs and reliable performance. These devices often feature traditional smartphone designs with physical buttons or smaller form factors, catering to users who prefer more classic aesthetics or simpler interfaces.
  5. Calme Plus Series: The Calme Plus series typically includes smartphones with larger displays, enhanced performance, and additional features compared to other series. These devices are designed to offer a more premium experience without reaching the flagship-level pricing of some other brands.