E-commerce in Pakistan – Earn 5 Lacs Every Month | Step by Step Guide

E-commerce in Pakistan – Earn 5 Lacs Every Month | Step by Step Guide

People are making more than 10 lac per month just because of their online business or Ecommerce. You can be one of them if you start your business online and promote your business. Probably you have seen lot of online buying product on the internet. Nowadays People don’t have time to go to the shop or market for buying products or it is difficult to find out that product in the shop or market that they want, So they simply order their product online that just takes 3 minutes.

If you are interested in Ecommerce business I will guide you step by step How to start a online business or Ecommerce in Pakistan.

Requirements for Ecommerce in Pakistan

  • You must have a unique product for selling.
  • You should have a well developed Website (shopify or WooCommerce).
  • Capital of around 50k to 100k Pakistani Rupees minimum
  • Well known Social Marketing Strategy.

Why you need a Unique Product

A lot of competition is going on in the Ecommerce in Pakistan. So You should choose your product wisely. For better selling result you must research on your product that will give you information who is selling that product already and how much scope this product have.

A Well Developed Website

A website is customers first impression where customers will make order and see your product in details. A known sentence that “The First Impression is the Last Impression”.

Your website should have well design and attractive looks and landing pages. It should be a mobile friendly (Responsive).

Your site should be in precise format that means You should avoid annoying things that customers does not need at all. It should contain a Simple Form that fill out required information.

Capital for starting Ecommerce Business in Pakistan

A minimum of 50 Thousand Pakistani Rupees will be your expensive on starting your ecommerce business. That’s because of around 30k will be for Website Design and development and 20k for social marketing and promotions.

Marketing in Ecommerce

Your brand or Business Success depends on how you promote your business. Without marketing you will not get your desired target in any field. Especially in Online Business almost 80% depends on social marketing strategy.

You must promote your product in every social platform like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.


That was what I know and I gave step by step information to you, Now it depend on you whether you want to start Ecommerce or not. Ecommerce is not easy but it is not much difficult. Just start Ecommerce in Pakistan has much potential as you think.

Keep me in your prays! Have A nice journey.

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