Cloud Mining 1%-5% daily Revenue? Fraud or Real

Cloud Mining 1%-5% daily Revenue? Fraud or Real

There are many websites or organization that’s offering TRX (TRON) or Ethereum Cloud mining online with 1%-5% daily profit revenue. The question arise whether they are real or fraud?

How these type of website are making fraud?

All these type of cloud mining websites offers that they will gives you return profit of your deposits in their websites. They planed different profit for different deposit. More you deposit more profit they say will give you. After 1-2 weak they will froze your assets and will force you to deposit more.

is this Fraud of 1%-5% daily cloud mining profit?

Yes: This is a totally Fraud. These type of online cloud mining websites offers that they will gives 1%-5% their Crypto staking Profit. But this is a darama/fake. These type of website works well in first weak but after that they froze your assets and even don’t allow you to withdraw your profit.

The joking part of these website is that they will force you to deposit more fund for unfreez your Previous Assets. Please be aware and don’t Invest a penny of your hard working earnings.


In the conclusion I will Strongly advise you not to invest in these type of all fake cloud mining websites.

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