Infinix Note 7 PUBG Review in 2023

Infinix Note 7 PUBG Review in 2023

Infinix Performing very well in the Low Budget SmartPhones. Infinix Note 7 is one of theme with low price budget. What about if you are planning to Play PUBG Mobile Game on Infinix Note 7. I have described everything related PUBG Game for Infinix note 7.

Infinix note 7 PUBG Graphics

Infinix Note 7 Supports 40fps ULTRA Graphics in PUBG.

Infinix note 7 Smoothness.

We can’t say note 7 has best or worst graphic smoothness but It gives us normal average smoothness in this price tag.

Note 7 Gyro

Yes. Infinix Note 7 Supports Gyro in PUBG Mobile. It comes with pretty good gyro. There is no much delay in Gyro for Recoil or Movement in PUBG mobile.

Heating Issue

If you Play normal Game like 2-3 hours Continuously Infinix note 7 will not heat. We Play PUBG Mobile on Infinix note 7 for 3-4 Hours continuously We Feel little increase in Temprature of Mobile. But this was not over heated.

Battery Backup

Infinix note 7 has good battery backup Even on gaming it will last for 4-5 hours continuously PUBG Mobile.


I will Review Infinix note 7 stars as 3.5/5.

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